What are QR Codes?

A QR code is a matrix or 2D barcode. The QR stands for quick response and that is a great description of what they do. They connect you directly with mobile content. All you need to do is take a picture with a QR Reader on your mobile and it will automatically perform something like opening a page in a mobile internet site or sending an auto-response TXT.


What do QR Codes do?

With a QR code you can connect directly through to a company mobile site and get more product information, you can also connect to mobile media like movie trailers or song samples. Another way QR codes are used is for one-click TXT entry into promotions and competitions.


What is a QR code reader?

A QR Reader is an application you can download from a third party which enables your mobile to recognise QR codes and read them. Your mobile can then do what the QR code tells it to do.


How do I download a reader?

Either free TXT 'QR' to 710 or go to vfcode.mobi. You will automatically be directed to download an appropriate reader from your mobile. Note your mobile must be internet capable and have a camera. Not all handsets are able to download a reader.

To check if your handset is supported - click here.


How much does it cost to download a reader?

The download will be charged as part of your data plan, if you don't have a plan they will be included in the $1 a day casual data rate. For more info on data plans, please go to http://www.vodafone.co.nz/mobile-data/mobile-web.jsp using your web browser


How do I scan a QR code

Each mobile is slightly different, but has a similar process:

  1. Open your reader
  2. Hold your mobile over the QR code and take a photo
  3. Click to confirm what the QR tells your mobile to do


How much does it cost to scan a QR code?

It's free to scan a code, however some QR codes will have mobile web content which will incur data fees. These will be charged as part of your current data plan (If you don't have a plan, you will be covered in the $1 a day data plan).


Who developed the QR code?

The QR code* was developed by DENSO WAVE, and was designed to instantly read approximately 100 times as much information as a bar code. QR code is presently a world standard and is also stipulated by JIS and ISO.

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